Computing Resources

Computing resources at CSU are administered by Academic Computing and Networking Services (ACNS). In addition to computing facilities on campus, students and faculty may connect to the CSU network with their own computers both on and off campus. Wireless connections are available in most buildings on campus. Additional wireless connections may be available via networks managed by individual departments.

For admitted students, the college where the advisor resides may require students to have a college computer account to log into their network and access network drives, printers, etc.

For example, in the Warner College of Natural Resources, the account creation process is completely automated and can be accessed as soon as a student's eID is active.

Log in to Warner College of Natural Resources with your eID to create a WCNR account. Other colleges have similar support. Students may ask their advisor and the main department office (of the department where the advisor's appointment is) about this and any other computing resources that may be available.

Computer Labs

The primary computer lab open to all students is the Morgan Library Computer Lab.
Morgan Library Computer Lab

Additional computer labs are located throughout campus, but are restricted to students and faculty in specific departments or programs.
Limited Access Computing Labs