Curriculum - Master of Science in Ecology

with Human-Environment Interaction Specialization

This curriculum is under review as of Fall 2012

In order to complete the HEI specialization for the Master's degree in Ecology, a student must successfully complete all required courses (6 credits required in the regular GDPE curriculum and ANTH 530), as well as 3 credits from Group A, 3 credits from Group B and 6 credits from Group C.

Course Title Credits
I. Required Courses (9 credits)
ANTH 530P Human-Environment Interactions 3
ECOL 505P Foundations of Ecology 2
ECOL 571P Distinguished Ecologist Lecture Series 2
ECOL 592P Interdisciplinary Seminars in Ecology 1
ECOL 693P Research Seminar 1
Min. of 9
II. Group A Organism / Population (Select a minimum of 3 credits)
ANTH 515P Culture and Environment 3
ANTH 529P Anthropology and Sustainable Development 3
ANTH 540P Medical Anthropology 3
ANTH 571P Anthropology and Global Health 3
ANTH 572P Human Origins 3
ANTH 573P Paleoclimate and Human Evolution 3
Min. of 3
III. Group B Community / Ecosystem (Select a minimum of 3 credits)
ANTH 535P Globalization and Culture Change 3
ANTH 545P Culture and Mental Health: Theory and Method 3
ANTH 555P Paleoindian Archeology 3
POLS 670P Politics of Environment and Sustainability 3
POLS 739P International Environmental Politics 3
SOC 668P Environmental Sociology 3
NR 625P Community Based Natural Resource Mgmt 3
Min. of 3
IV. Group C Quantitative / Qualitative Tools (Select a minimum of 6 credits) 1
EDRM 704P Qualitative Research 3
EDRM 705P Qualitative Data Analysis 3
GR 503 / NR 503P Remote Sensing and Image Analysis 3
NRRT 665P Survey Research and Analysis 3
NRRT 765P Applied Multivariate Analysis 3
POLS 621P Qualitative Methods in Political Science 3
SOC 610P Seminar in Methods of Qualitative Analysis 3
Min. of 6
PROGRAM TOTAL = Minimum of
30 credits
P This course has at least one prerequisite.
1 Three of the six credits from Group C must be in a qualitative methods course. (EDRM 704, EDRM 705, POLS 621 or SOC 610)
2 Students should consult the Graduate and Professional Bulletin for requirements for transfer of credits from other institutions and completion of courses toward a graduate degree. Select a combination of elective courses, ECOL 695, ECOL 698, and ECOL 699 with approval of advisor and committee.