Defense Announcements

The Graduate Degree Program in Ecology confers Masters and Doctoral degrees in Ecology to students who, after a prescribed amount of coursework and research, complete various comprehensive examinations. One important part of this process is the public defense of a scholarly thesis or dissertation. GDPE is pleased to announce the following defenses (click the name to view the event's entry in the University Calendar):

2014 Defenses

Andrea Borkenhagen

Claudia Browne

Christy Cleaver

Apryle Craig

Elsie Denton

David Eads

Jessica Ernakovich

Jean Fleming

Ed Gage

Chris Geremia

Courtney Gomola

Melissa Haeffner

Rachel Harrington

A. J. Horton

Michael Koontz

Katie Langin

Jesse Lewis

Phoenix Mourning-Star

Whitney Mowll

Kristin Pelz

Carlyn Perovich

Justin Pomeranz

Matthew Pyne

Ann Raiho

Susan Salafsky

Jessica Salo

Amber Shanklin

Seema Sheth

Jenny Soong

Chubashini Suntharalingam

Andrew Tredennick

Tony Vorster

Ben Wilson

2013 Defenses

Sheryl Atkinson

Dan Auerbach

Sarah Bisbing

Eric Bowen

Amber Childress

Catherine Cumberland

Melannie Hartman

Steven Hasstedt

David Hoover

John Lovell

Emma Lynch

Erin Meier Borgman

Caroline Melle

Heather Scott

Syed Shah

Ashley Shaw

Garrett Stephens

Zachary Sylvain

Kirstie Yeager

2012 Defenses

Greg Ames

Sharon Baruch-Mordo

Peter Bruss

Kerry Byrne

Melanie Davis

Laura Dev

Sarah Evans

David Gebben

Phil Graeve

Amanda Hardy

Kristen Kaczynski

Kristin Marshall

Jed Meunier

Jason Ransom

Gordon Reese

Joshua Rose

Kathryn Schoenecker

Anine Smith

Helen Sofaer

Jeremy Sueltenfuss

Gloria Sumay

Greg Wann

Kate Wilkins