Ecological Diversity and Function

Colleen Webb, Clint Leach

Description:The objective of this seminar will be to build a broad and basic background in key areas of diversity and function research in ecology. This is a central area of ecology, but the literature is vast. Through weekly paper discussions from a wide range of topics within this field, we hope to build a solid foundation that will provide a jumping-off point for students to continue to explore these areas. Topics that we plan to cover include: basics of diversity and how it is defined and quantified; the processes that structure diversity and the patterns they produce; the effect of diversity on ecosystem structure, function, and stability; traits-based perspectives on diversity. Time permitting, there may also be opportunities for students to select additional and/or more specific areas to explore, based on the interests of the class. Regular attendance is expected and students will be evaluated based on their participation.

Section: 3
Credits: 1
First Meeting: 1/23/2015
Meeting Times: Fridays at 1:00 pm
Classroom: Yates 208
CRN: 24993
Cross Listed: no
Enrollment Limit: 20
Background: Basic ecology
Course Text:
Instructor Contact Info:
      Colleen Webb 491-4289
      Clint Leach 491-2133