Women in science

Ruth Hufbauer

Description:The goals of this course are to examine critically both how far women have come in science, as well as how far women have yet to go, to understand the benefits and challenges of being a woman scientist, and our inherent biases. We will also discuss what it means to be a feminist in different spheres and across different cultures. We will also touch on race, and LGBTQ issues, but the main focus for this course will be on women. We will read from the growing number of papers (especially data papers) in the literature evaluating the environment women experience in the work force in general, and in science in particular. We will also read from blogs, and engage on twitter. A different student, or students, will lead discussion each week, with the composition of the group of leaders chosen at random. Participation in all the meetings is expected, and both attendance and contributions to the discussions will be tallied. Listening and speaking with respect for others will be critical, and doing so mindfully will also be tallied. Leading discussion will account for 25% of the pass/fail grade, and participating will account for 75%.

Section: 4
Credits: 1
First Meeting: 1/23/2015
Meeting Times: Fridays, 2:00-2:50 pm
Classroom: C123 Plant Sciences
CRN: 10365
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Enrollment Limit: 18
Background: The course is aimed at graduate students in the sciences.
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      Ruth Hufbauer ruth.hufbauer@colostate.edu 970-491-6945