Sustainable Food Systems

Theresa Nogeire, Meagan Schipanski, Cini Brown

Description:Students and faculty will work together to review and synthesize current research on food systems. Food systems, including the production, processing, distribution, and consumption of food and associated waste management, have far-reaching impacts on the health of a community. We will focus on how the organization and scale of food systems impacts sustainability, and will approach this problem via the disciplines of conservation science, economics, agroecology and sociology. Students will also learn about defining research questions in interdisciplinary research. Students will be responsible for weekly readings, class participation and a short summary of a subset of the readings. Students will also have the opportunity to continue to be involved in CSU's new Food Systems Global Challenges Research Team. Other instructors include Elizabeth Ryan; Michael Carolan; Arathi Seshadri; Franklyn Garry.

Section: 1
Credits: 1
First Meeting: 8/26/2015
Meeting Times: Wednesdays, 12-1pm
Classroom: C-021 Plant Sciences
CRN: 60164
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Enrollment Limit: 18
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      Theresa Nogeire 970-692-6211
      Meagan Schipanski
      Cini Brown