Communicating Science

Jill Baron, Shinichi Asao, Megan Machmuller

Description:Scientists are increasingly asked to make their science more accessible to audiences beyond those reached through scientific publication. What's more, countless science stories go untold, holding secret the reasons why nature should be cherished and preserved, and letting louder, non-scientific views of the universe gain traction. In this course, students will explore different methods of science communication and apply them in two ways: 1) through EcoPress, a science communication website for Natural Resources Ecology Laboratory here at CSU, 2) through ESA for a national audience. With guest lectures and in-class activities, students will explore how to communicate online and in person, engage in social media, use website analytics, and create resources that target specific audiences. Working in groups, students will apply what they learn, creating content to be published on EcoPress. At the end of this course, students will produce a science story of their choice, and publish it through ESA. Our goal is to go beyond the theory - to put theory into practice and publish our story for real audiences

Section: 2
Credits: 1
First Meeting: 8/26/2015
Meeting Times: Wed 4-4:50 pm (decide on first meet, weekly for 10 weeks)
Classroom: NESB B215
CRN: 60165
Cross Listed: none
Enrollment Limit: 14
Background: none
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Instructor Contact Info:
      Jill Baron 9704911968
      Shinichi Asao (970) 491-3615
      Megan Machmuller 402-578-9503