Citizen Science Theory and Practice

Greg Newman, Rina Hauptfeld, Russell Scarpino

Description:Scientists are increasingly asked, both by funders and by academic institutions, to broaden the impacts of their research to audiences beyond the ivory tower. Citizen Science Theory and Practice will consider the unique possibilities and challenges associated with defining an ecological research question with and appropriate for a lay public, taking into consideration cross-cultural contexts. Through weekly readings and in-class discussions, students will consider how methodological design may impact not only statistical results, but also decision-making, participant learning, and social-capital development. Students will be responsible for weekly readings, class discussions and activities, and designing methods for a community partners' citizen science project (in pairs). Utilizing one of the online platforms introduced in class, student pairs will draft methods and data sheets appropriate for one of 3 citizen science audiences (Grades 7-12; College; Adult learner), and submit their project methods to their partner. Our goal is to develop real research projects for real community partners.

Section: 4
Credits: 1
First Meeting: 1/20/2016
Meeting Times: Weekly - TBD (maybe one a week on Wednesday - flexible.
CRN: 10365
Cross Listed: ESS/HDNR
Enrollment Limit: 20
Background: Ecology, Wildlife Biology, Conservation Biology; Research methods
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Instructor Contact Info:
      Greg Newman Gregory.Newman@ColoState.Edu 970-491-0410
      Rina Hauptfeld 508-667-4710
      Russell Scarpino 970-491-7644