Parasites and the Behavior of Animals

Janice Moore

Description:The scope of this seminar will be fairly broad, including defensive behavior on the part of hosts as well as behavior that is manipulated by parasites, and the fuzzy territory between. The course will begin with assigned readings and discussion that cover this broad base; following that, each participant will be responsible for bringing forward at least one recent paper (and associated/background literature if appropriate) to share with the class, giving a brief presentation and leading discussion. Attendance and participation will be important, and those, together with the quality of the presentation, will determine each student's grade.

Section: 6
Credits: 1
First Meeting: 1/19/2016
Meeting Times: TBA
Classroom: TBA
CRN: 10367
Cross Listed: BZ 492/692 A
Enrollment Limit: 10
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Instructor Contact Info:
      Janice Moore 970-491-6764; 970-491-7011