Mechanisms of drought induced plant mortality: Do trees and herbaceous growth forms differ?

Troy Ocheltree, Alan Knapp

Description:The goal of this course will be to better understand the mechanisms of herbaceous plant mortality in response to drought. Attention has recently been focused on understanding the mortality of woody species in response to drought, but the mechanisms of herbaceous mortality have not been addressed and are likely to differ from those identified for woody species. To assess the state of knowledge in this field and move forward, we will conduct a literature review to find all papers that may shed light on this topic, synthesize that knowledge, and then develop new hypotheses that encompass mortality mechanisms inclusive of all growth forms. Students will participate in literature searches in this area, disseminate results and synthesize ideas from the literature, and actively participate in developing new testable hypotheses.

Section: 5
Credits: 1
First Meeting: 1/27/2016
Meeting Times: 2pm on Wednesdays
Classroom: TBD
CRN: 10366
Cross Listed: NA
Enrollment Limit: 10
Background: Basic understanding and interest in plant physiology
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      Troy Ocheltree 970-491-5658
      Alan Knapp 970-491-7010