Sustaining River Hydroecosystems for Aquatic and Riparian Biota

Kurt Fausch, Professor

Description:In this 2-cr seminar, students will select, summarize, and discuss readings aimed at developing an integrated understanding of the geomorphological, hydrological, and ecological principles that govern river hydroecosystem structure and function, as it applies to managing rivers to sustain freshwater and riparian habitat and biota in the face of human demands and climate change. Guest faculty and scientists will be invited to interact with the group in their areas of expertise. Students will be evaluated on a synopsis of literature on a key topic and presentation of it to the class on one week, and their participation in discussions each week.

Section: 1
Credits: 2
First Meeting: 8/24/2016
Meeting Times: Wednesday 11 am -12:50 pm
Classroom: Johnson Hall rm 122
CRN: 60164
Cross Listed:
Enrollment Limit: 16
Background: Students are expected to have an undergraduate background appropriate to gain maximum benefit from the course.
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Instructor Contact Info:
      Kurt Fausch, Professor 491-6457