The Ecology of Drought: A distributed graduate seminar

Melinda Smith, Alan Knapp

Description:Global climate models forecast a future characterized by more increased precipitation variability, including extended dry periods and more frequent periods of extreme drought. Indeed, recent precipitation trends indicate such events are already occurring more frequently than in the recent past. This Distributed Graduate Seminar (DGS) is a product of Drought-Net, a National Science Foundation-funded Research Coordination Network aimed at assessing terrestrial ecosystem sensitivity to drought ( The overarching goal of Drought-Net is to comprehensively and comparatively assess the sensitivity of a broad range of terrestrial ecosystems to drought. This DGS will occur at the following institutions (ASU, UNM, CSU, and potentially others). We will hold weekly one hour-long lectures and demonstrations via teleconference focusing on the ecology of drought and drought experiments. Presentations will be recorded so they can be viewed during convenient times depending on the institutions involved. Instructors will answer question submitted via email and these responses will be copied to the entire group of participants. In addition, each local institution is encouraged to also participate in the development of a database of drought-related experimental results that we can use in an cross-institution synthesis activity planned during the semester and that will include a meeting of a subset of participants from each participating institution toward the end of the semester.

Section: 2
Credits: 1
First Meeting: 1/17/2017
Meeting Times: TBD
CRN: 10363
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Enrollment Limit: 10
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Instructor Contact Info:
      Melinda Smith 1-7155
      Alan Knapp 1-7010