Molecular Ecology Seminar

Amy Angert, Chris Funk


This is a discussion group for graduate students enrolled in BZ481 Molecular Ecology. This course will provide a broad introduction to the use of molecular markers to address questions in ecology, evolution, behavior and conservation. We will begin by learning about genetic variation and basic population genetic principles, then we will delve into the applications of genetic markers for understanding relatedness, population and community structure, and conservation of biodiversity. Finally, we will discuss practical issues that arise when applying and interpreting molecular apporaches in ecology. The course is designed for graduate students and advance undergraduates. The format will be a combinaton of lecture and discussions.

Section: 3
Credits: 1
Restrictions: Graduate students only
First Meeting: 1/1/1900
Meeting Times: attend BZ481 to find out first meeting date for this seminar
Classroom: Yates 306 for BZ481
CRN: 10364
Cross Listed: BZ692C
Enrollment Limit: 20
Background: Students should have a basic background in evolution and genetics
Course Text: None; will use primary literature
Instructor Contact Info:
      Amy Angert 491-2472
      Chris Funk 491-5947