Biogeography and biogeochemistry of arctic and alpine ecosystems Part II

Heidi Steltzer, Matt Wallenstein, Jessica Ernakovich


This will be an interdisciplinary ecology seminar on the biogeography of plants and microbes in arctic and alpine ecosystems and its influence on biogeochemical cycles. The aim of the course will be to understand the similarities and differences among plant and microbial communities in arctic and alpine ecosystems; the physical and chemical processes that differentiate these systems; and the potential influence of biogeography on ecosystem response to climate change. This course is a continuation from the Fall semester. Students will continue to identify climate data sets from around the world to use in a comparative analysis of arctic and alpine environments, to complete a meta-analysis of the data, and to lead discussions on key articles.

Section: 2
Credits: 1
Restrictions: Graduate students only; instructor permission required if not enrolled in Fall 2009 ECOL 592, section 006; otherwise program office override required.
First Meeting: 1/20/2009
Meeting Times: tba
Classroom: NREL E-conference room B224
CRN: 10363
Cross Listed: none
Enrollment Limit: 10
Background: none
Course Text: none
Instructor Contact Info:
      Heidi Steltzer 491-1565
      Matt Wallenstein 491-7056
      Jessica Ernakovich 491-1604