Disturbance Ecology of the Colorado Front Range Forests

Monique Rocca, Matt Diskin


The seminar will consist of two or three field trips to Colorado's Front Range forests to learn about different disturbance regimes. Field trips will be lead by local professors and researchers who will talk about their research. Two trips are currently planned: Rocky Mountain National Park: Jason Sibold, a professor in the Department of Anthropology, will lead a trip to discuss fire regimes and beetle disturbances in the high elevation forests of the Park. This will be a one day field trip leaving early in the morning on Friday, September 11. Hayman Fire: This field trip will consist of a two day excursion to the site of the Hayman Fire. Lee MacDonald, a professor in the Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship, will take a day to talk about the effects of fire and management practices on soils and hydrology. On the other day, Paula Fornwalt, an ecologist with the Rocky Mountain Research Station, will talk about understory vegetation in the burned area. We will depart around 8:30 on Friday, October 9 and return on Saturday, October 10. One additional trip is currently being planned for later in the semester. Details will follow soon.

Section: 4
Credits: 1
Restrictions: Satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading. No prerequisites
First Meeting: 9/2/2009
Meeting Times: Sept. 11 and Oct. 9-10, all day. Plus one additional field trip later in the semester.
Classroom: Forestry 212
CRN: 60164
Cross Listed: Crosslisted with F 593 (Seminar Fire Sciences - CRN 68534)
Enrollment Limit: 25
Background: none
Course Text: none
Instructor Contact Info:
      Monique Rocca rocca@cnr.colostate.edu 970-491-2112
      Matt Diskin mattdiskin@gmail.com