Dendrochronology: Methods and Applications

Peter Brown, Carissa Aoki


Tree-ring data have proven critical for documenting and evaluating longer-term climatic and ecological dynamics. This course will combine lectures, readings, and hands-on application to look at the basics of tree-ring research methods, with an emphasis on reconstructing climate and forest and fire histories. Field sampling and data analysis for the course will have specific application to forest management and environmental education at the Shambhala Center, a Buddhist retreat north of Fort Collins. Articles for discussion will be selected to highlight current applications of tree-ring data.

Section: 2
Credits: 1
Restrictions: none
First Meeting: 8/27/2009
Meeting Times: Thursdays, 10:00�¢??10:50 AM, once a week
Classroom: Plant Sciences E008
CRN: 60165
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      Peter Brown 970-229-9557
      Carissa Aoki