Ecology and Evolution of Parasitism

Kate Huyvaert, David Eads


This is a seminar course exploring emerging ideas in disease ecology including ecoimmunology, life history variation and disease, individual fitness and population-level consequences of disease, and contemporary community and ecosystem-level issues in disease ecology. Complementary readings from the primary literature will be discussed. This course will meet once per week, first 8 weeks of the semester, meeting time to be determined at the first meeting

Section: 6
Credits: 1
Restrictions: Graduate standing, introductory coursework in ecology and evolution, prior exposure to principles in disease ecology
First Meeting: 1/1/1900
Meeting Times: tba
Classroom: tba
CRN: 17053
Cross Listed: none
Enrollment Limit: 12
Background: none
Course Text: Thomas, Guegan, and Renaud (Editors) Ecology and Evolution of Parasitism
Instructor Contact Info:
      Kate Huyvaert (970) 491-5520
      David Eads