Adapting for Sustainability

Dennis Ojima


The challenges we face today as a society are unheralded due to the pace at which human activities are affecting the climate, biogeochemical cycles, and biodiversity throughout the globe. The current pace of change to the earth system and to the climate will express itself over the coming decades, if not centuries. Finding the appropriate adaptation strategies under these changing conditions are necessary now. In addition, our ability to address challenges to sustainable development is increasingly being hindered due to growing consumption rates of natural resources, population growth, and environmental degradation. As we attempt to achieve our goals for sustainable development, we are faced with continuing changes in climate that we need to adapt to take advantage of emerging opportunities and off-set climate impacts. The course will consist of selected reading which will be presented as in lecture and discussed in panel discussions (led by students). Invited lectures will also be incorporated on key topics to provide expert insights on the science, policy, and societal issues. Lectures and discussions will cover recent thoughts on adapting to climate change and meeting goals of sustainable development. Class will meet once each week for two hours; day and time to be announced.

Section: 5
Credits: 2
Restrictions: none
First Meeting: 1/1/1900
Meeting Times: tba
Classroom: tba
CRN: 10367
Cross Listed: none
Enrollment Limit: 16
Background: Interdisciplinary science background
Course Text: none
Instructor Contact Info:
      Dennis Ojima (970) 491-1976