Landscape Genetics

Chris Funk, Melanie Murphy


Landscape genetics is the integration of landscape ecology and population genetics to address questions related to species' ecology, connectivity, population decline, patterns of genetic variation, and population dynamics. Implementation of landscape genetics requires a broad range of interdisciplinary skills and development of new analytical tools. The goal of the course is to build the skills necessary to perform robust landscape genetics analyses and to address current problems in landscape genetics. This course is a unique opportunity facilitated by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) as a Distributed Graduate Seminar (DGS). Sections of the course are being offered in the United States, Canada, Switzerland and France. The course will consist of lectures (given by sections leaders who are the expert on the topic), discussion of primary literature, hands-on exercises, and a project collaborating with an interdisciplinary students/faculty leaders across sections. Students can register for either 2 or 3 credits (project is required for 3 credits).

Section: 1
Credits: 2
Restrictions: Limited to graduate students
First Meeting: 1/20/2010
Meeting Times: Wednesday 10:00am - noon
Classroom: Yates 212
CRN: 10363
Cross Listed: none
Enrollment Limit: 25
Background: Background in population genetics, landscape ecology, spatial analysis (i.e., GIS) and/or spatial statistics will be extremely helpful but not required. We hope to attract students with a wide variety of backgrounds in biology, natural resources, agriculture, geography, and other related fields.
Course Text: Assigned readings from primary literature
Instructor Contact Info:
      Chris Funk 000000 970-491-3720
      Melanie Murphy