Pathways to adaptation to global change: Nexus among livelihoods, sustainable development, and ecosystem services

Dennis Ojima, Kathleen Galvin


Graduate Seminar: Adaptation strategies to climate change in human-environment systems need a more integrative approach which links livelihoods, ecosystem services, and sustainable development goals. The reading selected for this seminar will look at various frameworks being developed to cope with the challenges in development global change and to better assess how livelihoods are being affected and how ecosystem services need to be conserved as part of adaptation strategies.

Initial discussions will cover several key publications and the following discussions will look at various readings selected by the class.

The discussion group will consist of eight 2-hour discussion periods held during the semester. Schedule to be developed after our first meeting.

Section: 4
Credits: 1
Restrictions: none
First Meeting: 8/25/2010
Meeting Times: tba
Classroom: tba
CRN: 60565
Cross Listed: ANTH 692 Seminar, CRN 69599
Enrollment Limit: 12
Background: none
Course Text: Selected publications and other reading
Instructor Contact Info:
      Dennis Ojima (970) 491-1976
      Kathleen Galvin