Current Topics in Wildland Fire Ecology and Management

Dr. Monique Rocca


This one-credit seminar will be offered during the Fall 2010 semester within the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology and FRWS. This course will be organized and coordinated by the Student Association for Fire Ecology at CSU. Anyone with an interest in this topic is encouraged to register or participate, registration is not necessary for participation. This course will be offered in association with SAFE, though everyone is welcome to participate. Students taking the class for credit will be expected to read assigned papers and participate in class discussions/facilitation, and field trips (if offered). Performance will be evaluated based on participation and engagement. This course will be student-led and topics can change or evolve as the group's interest dictates. Students will share in course topic selection and discussion facilitation. Possible topics include: Global Climate Change: Implications for fire & carbon management Smoke Emissions /Air Quality Concerns / Smoke Modeling Recent changes in fire management policy : Historical context and future directions Overview of Decision Support Systems (strengths and weaknesses) Restoring Ecosystem Processes in fragmented landscapes Beetles/Drought mortality - Implications for fire behavior and management Guest speakers will be invited as available and applicable. A field trip may be offered to a recent fire in the area (Cow Creek Fire?) based on interest and scheduling availability.

Section: 3
Credits: 1
Restrictions: none
First Meeting: 9/1/2010
Meeting Times: First Meeting: Wednesday Sept 1 @ 4:00 pm, Subsequent meeting times to be arranged at that time based on class availability
Classroom: NR 106
CRN: 60170
Cross Listed: none
Enrollment Limit: 15
Background: none
Course Text: Journal Articles to be provided
Instructor Contact Info:
      Dr. Monique Rocca (402) 319-6405