Ecology, Gender, Equity and North-South Exchange: Social and Human Dimensions of Global Climate Change

Gillian Bowser, Osman Hamdan


This seminar will focus on topics like the impact of natural resource (mis)use in developed countries on climate change and resource use and availability in developing countries as well as the impact of terms of trade and unequal exchange. Students will explore the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and how it relates to vulnerable populations. Students will do oral presentations for the majority of their grade. Class participation is required.

Section: 7
Credits: 1
Restrictions: graduate students
First Meeting: 1/1/1900
Meeting Times: 5 - 7 Mondays
Classroom: none
CRN: 19140
Cross Listed: none
Enrollment Limit: 15
Background: grad students
Course Text: Articles, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
Instructor Contact Info:
      Gillian Bowser 202-425-0639
      Osman Hamdan