Evolution of ecological limits

Angert, Amy


We will break the semester into 3 sections examining the very different spatial and temporal scales that have been used to address this topic: 1) niche evolution across habitat gradients, 2) the evolution of geographic ranges and 3) ecological controls on net diversification rates across clades. At the start of each section, we will have an in-depth review of basic theory and important past work on the topic. Subsequent weeks will focus on discussion of recent primary literature, with an emphasis on empirical tests in natural systems.

Section: 4
Credits: 1
Restrictions: none
First Meeting: 1/19/2011
Meeting Times: W 2-2:50
Classroom: Yates 206
CRN: 10366
Cross Listed: BZ692G and BZ492F
Enrollment Limit: 15
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      Angert, Amy amy.angert@colostate.edu 491-2472