Biotic influences on geomorphic process and form

Ellen Wohl


Geomorphologists have recently begun to explore whether there is a â??topographic signature of life,â?? or specific landscape features that reflect the activities of living organisms. We will read and discuss selected papers focusing on how plants and animals influence geomorphology, including hillslope and channel process and form. The seminar will meet for 50 minutes once a week. Participants will be expected to read the selected paper each week and participate in discussion of that paper and related issues, as well as choosing a paper and leading the discussion during one class meeting.

Section: 1
Credits: 1
Restrictions: none
First Meeting: 1/20/2011
Meeting Times: 10:00-10:50 am Thursday
Classroom: Natural Resources 320
CRN: 10363
Cross Listed: Cross-enrolled with GEOL 692, section 002 (#10715)
Enrollment Limit: 0
Background: None, although ideally students will have had at least one course in geomorphology
Course Text: none
Instructor Contact Info:
      Ellen Wohl (970)491-5298