The political economy of technological innovation in agriculture and natural resources

Greg Graff

Description:The innovation and adoption of new technologies, particularly in agriculture and natural resource industries, can be both beneficial and detrimental to large scale environmental sustainability. This seminar will guide students in the reading and discussion of classic and current academic analyses--drawing largely from the economics, policy, and ecology literatures. Topics to be considered will include the political influence of various economic, social, and environmental interests on government science and innovation policies, the impact of such policies on the innovation and adoption of new technologies, and evaluation of the impact of technologies on environmental sustainability.

Section: 5
Credits: 1
Restrictions: none
First Meeting: 8/21/2012
Meeting Times: Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00 p.m.
Classroom: Forestry 114
CRN: 60566
Cross Listed: none
Enrollment Limit: 8
Course Text: various articles to be assigned
Instructor Contact Info:
      Greg Graff 491-4028