Examining Spatial Variability: Snowpack and Forest Properties

Steven Fassnacht

Description:The objective of the course is to help students understand the concept of spatial variability by measuring snowpack and forest properties in the field. In group discussions, a spatial sampling strategy will be developed. Snow depth and other snowpack properties will be measured together with observations of the canopy, including density and tree mortality, where applicable. These field data will be collated and the students will work together to analyze the spatial variability. Grading will be based on the write-up for the proposed sampling and a brief report on the spatial variability. Assessment given as Pass/Fail.

Section: 1
Credits: 1
Restrictions: Preferably an Applied Statistics course, such as NR 512, NR 523 (STAT523) or STAT 547
First Meeting: 1/17/2012
Meeting Times: 5 hours in-class; 10 hour lab component, including two field days March31/April1 and April 28/29; 5 hours recitation
Classroom: TBA
CRN: 10362
Cross Listed: WR692, CRN 16898
Enrollment Limit: 15
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Instructor Contact Info:
      Steven Fassnacht srf@warnercnr.colostate.edu 970-491-5454