IDL Programming: Processing and Visualizing Data

David Fanning, Michael Lefsky, Jamie Fuller

Description:Interactive Data Language (IDL) is an interdisciplinary, cross-platform, high-level programming language used to organize, analyze, and visualize complex numerical data. It is similar to MatLab, but has its origins in the analysis and processing of image data. IDL's array-oriented structure and general ability to read any type of data file makes it perfect for working with remote sensing data. This class will cover the basics of IDL programming with the goal of writing IDL programs that can be added to ENVI, a remote sensing application written in the IDL language, to extend its functionality. Topics will include the basics of IDL programming (defining parameters and keywords, program structure, graphics and file output, error handling, memory management, and algorithm development), plus object-oriented programming concepts and interactive (widget) program development. There will be an emphasis on image processing and/or working with satellite data. It is assumed the student is familiar with some kind of programming language, but prior IDL programming experience is not required.

Section: 2
Credits: 1
First Meeting: 1/28/2013
Meeting Times: Monday 2-4
Classroom: NR CCL West
CRN: 10363
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Enrollment Limit: 18
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Instructor Contact Info:
      David Fanning 970-221-0438
      Michael Lefsky
      Jamie Fuller 847-370-3788