Evolutionary Concepts in Conservation

George Wittemyer, Dana Winkelman

Description:We will explore topics regarding the importance of evolutionary concepts in species management, conservation and recovery efforts through discussion of key concepts and review of literature (both classic and current). The literature on human driven evolutionary change will be reviewed, and discussed in light of how conservation decisions potentially influence the trajectory of life history evolution.

Section: 5
Credits: 1
Restrictions: None
First Meeting: 8/28/2013
Meeting Times: Wednesdays 2:30 - 3:30
Classroom: Wagar 107
CRN: 60566
Cross Listed:
Enrollment Limit: 15
Background: Recommend familiarity with topics in evolutionary ecology and/or conservation biology
Course Text: primary literature
Instructor Contact Info:
      George Wittemyer g.wittemyer@colostate.edu 491-6598
      Dana Winkelman dana.winkelman@colostate.edu