Teaching Ecology to Undergraduate Students

Meena Balgopal, Sam Dunn, Aramati Casper

Description:Issues of student learning, instructional strategies, curriculum development, and the construction of assessment tools in a college-level natural or physical science course will be discussed. Students will create a teaching portfolio by the end of the course similar to that required by the TILT post-secondary certificate program. The objectives of this course are for students to be able to: - Design curricula using the "universal design for learning" and "understanding by design" frameworks. -Synthesize how different instructional practices in a science course (lectures, laboratories, recitations) can promote critical thinking and inquiry skills. -Construct and evaluate meaningful assessment tools that reflect learning objectives for a college science course. -Write a college science teaching philosophy

Section: 2
Credits: 1
Restrictions: Graduate Students Only
First Meeting: 1/21/2014
Meeting Times: Thursday, noon - 1:00 pm
Classroom: 302B - NESB
CRN: 10363
Cross Listed: None
Enrollment Limit: 12
Background: GTA experience suggested but not required
Course Text: TBA
Instructor Contact Info:
      Meena Balgopal Meena.Balgopal@colostate.edu (970) 491-4277
      Sam Dunn sam.dunn@colostate.edu (970) 491-2287
      Aramati Casper amcasper@lamar.colostate.edu