women, population and the environment

Gillian Bowser, Karina Cespedes, Cardid Sousa

Description:What is the impact of climate change and sustainable development on different populations? Women, Population, and Environment (WPE) builds on a series through the School of Global Environmental Sustainability seminar series. Invited speakers from disciplines ranging from ecology to political science will be part of a colloquium series co-hosted with The Women's Study Center and Ethnic Studies Department. Students will explore the interdisciplinary mix of ecology and communities and have the opportunity to interact with graduate students from social science, ethnic studies and the Women's Center. This seminar course will introduce students to research methods from different disciplines and provide them with the opportunity to learn interdisciplinary research approaches.

Section: 4
Credits: 1
First Meeting: 1/28/2014
Meeting Times: Tuesday 4 - 6
CRN: 10365
Cross Listed: Fills Independent research requirement for Womens Studies certificate
Enrollment Limit: 15
Background: Ecology, community and social sciences.
Course Text: assigned readings
Instructor Contact Info:
      Gillian Bowser gbowser@colostate.edu 1-5871
      Karina Cespedes karina.cespedes@colostate.edu
      Cardid Sousa Caridad.Souza@colostate.edu 1-2882