Introduction to R

Ruth Hufbauer, Michael Koontz

Description:R is an incredibly powerful tool for statistical analysis, data management, and visualization that has been increasingly used for ecological applications. It is open source, free, and available for all operating systems. Despite this availability, it is also considered a difficult language to learn�¢?? especially for those coming from a limited background in command line programming. This course aims to introduce users to R in an interactive, hands-on format. We will focus on topics that will be common to the needs of all ecologists such as structuring, summarizing, manipulating, and plotting data. Later portions of the course will devote time to more individual-specific needs of real data sets. Class sessions will be exercise-driven and the course will include guest lectures from graduate students who have had success using R in their research. Note: this is NOT a statistics course, though some help could be given to figure out the proper syntax for more complicated statistical analyses (e.g. generalized linear mixed models, multivariate analyses). It would be the student�¢??s responsibility to verify any results with a statistician! Expected learning outcomes: a basic command of the R language, a better sense of how to collect and enter data for future analysis, a head start on something directly applicable to your research, and tools for learning more about what R can offer your research.

Section: 6
Credits: 1
First Meeting: 1/21/2014
Meeting Times: Tuesdays at 9:00 am
Classroom: E008 Plant Science
CRN: 10367
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Enrollment Limit: 15
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      Ruth Hufbauer (970) 491-6945
      Michael Koontz