Interdisciplinary Water Research Seminar

LeRoy Poff, Jorge Ramirez

Description:As global climate change and population growth increase demand for water resources, researchers and managers strive to maintain conditions that satisfy societal and ecological freshwater needs. Integrating physical, biologic, and social sciences is necessary to further understand feedbacks and linkages between physical response, biological requirements, and societal demand for freshwater. In this seminar, we focus on methods of interdisciplinary research and collaboration with regard to all aspects of the hydrologic cycle including the atmosphere, ecosystems and human dimensions of freshwater resources. The direction of this course will be largely determined by student interest with potential to explore connections between the atmosphere, projected changes in climate and water availability, freshwater management strategies, freshwater ecosystems, ecosystem services, public perception of freshwater resources, public outreach and education regarding water resources, and methods of integrating these topics across disciplines. In particular, we emphasize and encourage integration of research questions across disciplines to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration. Current faculty of the Integrated Water, Atmosphere, Ecosystems Education and Research program (I-WATER), including LeRoy Poff (Biology), Jorge Ramirez (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Neil Grigg (Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Scott Denning (Atmospheric Sciences), will provide guidance and share experiences pertaining to case studies of interdisciplinary water resources research. Course content will be centered around student and faculty led discussions on current research projects, and reading and discussion of applicable literature. Students will be tasked with exploring an interdisciplinary collaboration with fellow students that involves their current research project and/or interests. Student groups will present a conceptual level research proposal and/or research findings in the latter part of the semester.

Section: 7
Credits: 1
Restrictions: graduate students only
First Meeting: 1/21/2014
Meeting Times: 10:00 - 10:50 Tuesday
Classroom: Yates 206
CRN: 17053
Cross Listed:
Enrollment Limit: 20
Background: This course is intended to focus on graduate student research questions emerging out of the I-WATER IGERT program
Course Text: none
Instructor Contact Info:
      LeRoy Poff 491-2079
      Jorge Ramirez 491-7621