ECOL 592 Interdisciplinary Seminar

About ECOL 592

Each semester GDPE offers several sections of ECOL 592. The interdiciplinary seminar course is intended to foster discussion and encourage students and faculty to explore current topics in ecology.

ECOL 592 seminar courses are intended as special topics that may be broadly or narrowly conceived. Seminars must be proposed by faculty members, but students interested in a specific topic are encouraged to recruit a faculty sponsor. These seminars are flexibly organized to address cutting edge issues in ecology, and they are taught on a volunteer basis by GDPE faculty.

Propose an ECOL 592 Course

Gaining institutional approval for new ECOL courses is a lengthy process, and is generally only encouraged for courses that will be valuable to a broad cross-section of GDPE students, and that are assured of being taught at regularly scheduled and frequent intervals (e.g., each year or every other year) for many years to come. If you are interested in proposing another ECOL course, please or submit a course proposal (GDPE faculty login required).