Faculty Grants & Awards

Below is a sample of active faculty grants and awards. This is not a comprehensive list.


Lisa Angeloni received the Early Career (pre-tenure) Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching or Mentoring Award from the College of Natural Sciences.

Jill Baron will be President Elect of the Ecological Society of America from August 2012-August 2013, then President from August 2013-2014.

Gillian Bowser received an American Association of Advancement of Science (AAAS) fellowship from U.S. Department of State Office of Marine Conservation.

Dr. Kurt Fausch presented the 2nd Distinguished Water Seminar at North Dakota State University on February 21, 2012. The invited seminar was sponsored by the North Dakota Water Resources Research Institute, the NDSU Environmental & Conservation Sciences Graduate Program, and the Department of Biological Sciences.

Funk, W. C., and R. E. Lovich, 2012-2013. "Terms of Endangerment: Use of Modern Genetic Techniques to Measure the Status of Protected Species," DoD Legacy Management Program.

Knapp , Alan and Melinda Smith along with Scott Collins (University of New Mexico) and Yiqi Luo (University of Oklahoma) received an award from the National Science Foundation to for a national drought study on grasslands. The project is an outcome of a research working group supported by Colorado State's School of Global Environmental Sustainability.

Martin, Patrick. 2012. "Towards a Unified Ecology of Tropical Montane Cloud Forests". NSF-Funded Research Coordination Network.

Skagen, Susan. Grant (renewal) awarded from the Plains and Prairie Pothole Landscape Conservation Cooperative, FY2012, The application of high resolution climate models for avian conservation. Collaborators include Dr. Barry Noon and Valerie Steen, GDPE and Dept Fishery, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, CSU, and Dr. John Stamm, USGS South Dakota Water Science Center.


Aldridge, Cameron. 2011-2014. Using the USGS "Resource for Advanced Modeling" to connect climate drivers to biological responses. NASA ROsES

Bowser, Gillian. Global Women Scholars Network in Sustainability. Funded by NSF RCN-SEES for five years. Partners include George Washington University, Unviersity of Colorado-Denver, University of Nairobi, Autonomous University of Mexico, University of Florida and National University of Mexico-Post Graduate College.

Cotrufo, Francesca. 2011-2014: "Soils, Land Use and Climate Change: a new Baccalaureate concentration". USDA-NIFA-HEC (PI, $174,617).

Poff, N. L., W. C. Funk, C. K. Ghalambor, B. C. Kondratieff, with A. S. Flecker, J. Bernardo, K. R. Zamudio (Cornell University) and S. Thomas (University of Nebraska).2011-2016. "Dimensions: Collaborative Research: An integrative traits-based approach to predicting variation in vulnerability of tropical and temperate stream biodiversity to climate change," National Science Foundation.

Dr. Anna Schoettle is the recipient of the 2011 US Forest Service Invasive Species Program Award for Innovative Control and Management. Anna is recognized for her leadership of the Proactive Strategy program that integrates research, strategic planning, and management activities to sustain Rocky Mountain bristlecone and limber pine populations and mitigate the impact of invasion by the invasive pathogen that causes the lethal disease white pine blister rust. Anna accepted the award from the Chief of the Forest Service in Washington, DC on March 1, 2012.

Von Fischer, Joe. 2011-2015. National Science Foundation, "Methane Uptake by Grassland Soils."

Webb, Colleen. coPI. 2011-2016. National Science Foundation, "RCN-SEES: Sustainability of Marine Renewable Resources in Sub-Arctic Systems under Incumbent Environmental Variability and Human Exploitation."