Faculty Affiliation Application

to the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology

Mentoring graduate students is perhaps the most important aspect of GDPE. Faculty are responsible for mentoring graduate students in the interdisciplinary fields comprising ecology, and in their professional and personal development as scholars. This mentoring requires knowledge of ecological subjects, of professional roles of scholars, and the desire and ability to nurture graduate students.

In addition to mentoring graduate students, we expect faculty to actively contribute to GDPE through service on committees and teaching (such as participation in ECOL courses and seminars, and departmental courses with substantial ecological content). The teaching requirement helps ensure that the teaching load generated by GDPE students is met, and keeps faculty involved with the requirements and culture of CSU and GDPE

Contact Information
Employment Info

Current CSU Employees will have a CSUID and an eName. Non-CSU employees can leave them blank.

Research Interests and Teaching Philosophy

    Brief statement of your research interests

  1. Please indicate the primary reason(s) you wish to join the GDPE Faculty (e.g., currently serve or wish to serve on a GDPE graduate student committee, contribute to curriculum, engage larger community, etc.).
  2. List other experience with graduate education and mentoring:
  3. Prior GDPE teaching contributions (ECOL courses, seminars, department courses with substantial ecological content, etc.), if any:
  4. Possible/Planned GDPE teaching contributions:
  5. Advising Philosophy (short statement)
Academic Information
  1. Number of peer-reviewed publications in the past three years
  2. For CSU faculty,please list home academic department and appointment type (e.g., assistant professor, professor). Also indicate any joint appointments.
  3. For those without a regular faculty appointment, please provide primary employer (e.g., NREL, US Forest Service) and CSU department in which you have an affiliate appointment. Also provide dates for term of affiliate appointment.
  4. Department advising privileges - can you be a major advisor in your home department or your department-of-affiliation?
Advising Information - Masters Students

    List the Number of MA or MS students you advised
    ...in the PAST 5 years...

  1. MA or MS Students
  2. MA or MS Students
  3. MA or MS Students
  4. List the Number of MA or MS students you advised
    ...THIS year...
  5. MA or MS Students
  6. MA or MS Students
  7. MA or MS Students
Research Areas

Please mark the research areas you are focused on. They are divided into several categories. Please limit your choices to up to 10 areas.

  1. Discipline
  2. Ecosystem
  3. Taxon
  4. Tools and Applications
Advising Information - Ph.D. Students

    List the Number of Ph.D. students you advised
    ...in the PAST 5 years...

  1. Ph.D. Students
  2. Ph.D. Students
  3. Ph.D. Students
  4. List the Number of Ph.D. students you advised
    ...THIS year...
  5. Ph.D. Students
  6. Ph.D. Students
  7. Ph.D. Students

    Once your form is successfully accepted, you will be given an opportunity to upload your Curriculum Vitae.