Active Job Announcements

Postdoctoral Fellowship in ecological modelling

  • Contribute to a high profile multi-disciplinary project of international significance
  • Be embedded in a multidisciplinary team working on developing and deploying exciting novel sterile insect technologies
  • Undertake research with a network of collaborators and on behalf of clients both in Australia and overseas

CSIRO Agriculture currently have an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellow to join the "Pest Suppressive Landscapes" team based in Brisbane, Queensland. The team seeks to address the broad question: why does landscape context matter for the control of pests and diseases? By combining empirical ecological studies with mathematical modelling, the team aims to gain knowledge that will help address the global challenges of food security and health crises at the landscape scale. In this role you will be specifically focused on the spatial simulation modelling of fruit fly in agricultural landscapes, in order to estimate release rates of factory-produced sterile insects for effective area-wide pest management.

Your duties will include:

  • Under the direction of senior research scientists, carry out innovative, impactful research of strategic importance to CSIRO that will, where possible, lead to novel and important scientific outcomes;
  • Develop a spatially-explicit simulation model for ‘fruit fly’, with initial application and validation using the case study of Medfly (Ceratitis capitata) in Israel, and later reparameterization of the model for Qlfy (Bactrocera tryoni) in Australia;
  • In collaboration with others in the project team, integrate spatial resource maps with other environmental/socio-economic data and learning from stakeholders, the lab and the field, in order to parameterize, initialize, calibrate and validate the model;
  • Apply the model to case studies;
  • Produce high quality scientific papers suitable for publication in quality journals, for client reports and granting of patents;
  • Contribute to the development of innovative concepts and ideas for further research.