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Fully-Funded Travel to India


Indo-US 21st Century Knowledge Initiative

Professor Barry Noon (FWCB) and Dr. Sunil Kumar (NREL) received a three-year grant to support science, education and technology transfer between CSU and two partner universitites in Bangalore, India. The funded proposal is part of the Indo-US 21st Century Knowledge Initiative (Project Title: Partnering to Sustain India's Biological Diversity in the Context of Rapid Environmental Change: Research, Education and Community Outreach).

The broad theme of the science exchange grant is biodiversity conservation in the context of rapid environmental change. Components of the scientific exchange include teaching, research, and technology transfer. The Indo-US grant funds travel and living expenses in India for periods of approximately three weeks. The focus of the scientific exchange is on "young" researchers, broadly defined as advanced doctoral students, post-docs,a nd faculty who received their PhD within the last 10 years (very flexible, however). If you are interested, please set up a time to talk with Barry (970-491-7905;


The Fall '16 EOCL 592-005: Species boundaries, diversification and diversity in the tropics course is offered as part of the Indo-US knowledge exchange. More information can be found by visiting the GDPE ECOL 592 webpage at, and by contacting Barry Noon (970-491-7905;

Contact Information:
Name: Barry Noon
Phone: 970-491-7905