GDPE Listservs

Social Listserv

What it is

The GDPE_SOCIAL listserv was created by students for students in order to provide a way to communicate about topics/ events that might not be appropriate for the general GDPE list. Sign up is voluntary, and you must sign up in order to receive emails and post to the list.

How it works:

Register with the list-serv (instructions at the bottom of this page). After registration you will receive all e-mails sent to (Don't worry, it's a relatively low-volume list, and you can unsubscribe at any time). Users can send e-mails to registered users simply by sending an email to

Registration to this list is completely voluntary and list members are in charge of its appropriate use.

Items we envision as 'appropriate':
Rooms for rent, field help needed, group hikes, dog-sitting, parties, bike brew tours, etc.

Items we envision as 'inappropriate':
We don't want to pass value judgments on what users consider to be appropriate. We simply ask that when sending an e-mail to the listserv, consider the number of e-mails we all receive in a day, and be polite. For example, this is probably not the place to ask if anyone has old exams from ST511/512. Don't be shy about using the list, but do be judicious.

We strongly discourage a "reply-all" approach to any e-mail that is sent out. Please contact the sender directly with questions or comments.

To register please follow the instructions below, and if you have problems we can add you manually upon your request; contact the GDPE Program Coordinator or one of the student representatives on the GDPE Executive Committee.

How to sign up for the GDPE_Social listserv:

  1. Visit:
  2. Scroll down to GDPE_social and enter the data fields