Summer and Spring 2016 Graduates

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(Image for Casper, Aramati) Anne Marie Casper
Advisor: Meena Balgopal
Co-Advisor: Maria Fernandez-Gimenez
Examining Students' Systems Thinking in a Natural Resources Capstone Class
(Image for Chesus, Kelly) Kelly Chesus
Advisor: Troy Ocheltree
Analyzing Root Traits to Characterize Juniper Expansion Into Rangelands
(Image for Dertien, Jeremy) Jeremy Dertien
Advisor: Paul Doherty
Habitat Use by Dall Sheep and an Interior Alaska Mammal Community
(Image for Fegel, Timothy) Timothy Fegel
Advisor: Jill Baron
Co-Advisor: Edward Hall
Between a rock and a hard place; biogeochemical attributes of glaciers and rock glaciers across the American West
Christa Fettig
Advisor: Ruth Hufbauer
Ecology and Management of Plant Invasions
(Image for Filippelli, Steven) Steven Filippelli
Advisor: Michael Lefsky
Estimating Pre-Fire Forest Structure with Stereo Imagery and Post-Fire Lidar
(Image for Garbowski, Magda) Magda Garbowski
Advisor: Cynthia Brown
Co-Advisor: Danielle Johnston
Restoring Semi-arid Lands with Superabsorbent Polymers under reduced precipitation and Threat of 'Bromus tectorum' Invasion
(Image for Herdrich, Adam) Adam Herdrich
Advisor: Dana Winkelman
Mountain Trout Populations
(Image for Jaffe, Rachael) Rachael Jaffe
Advisor: Boris Kondratieff
Citizen Science as a Tool to Measure Bee Diversity and Educate Gardeners about Pollinator Services in Urban Community Gardens
(Image for Kellner, Annie) Anne Kellner
Advisor: Mike Antolin
Cross-species transmission of a feline haemoplasma from domestic to wild cats
(Image for Miao, Zhongqi) Zhongqi Miao
Advisor: Randall Boone
Modular Modeling and Its Applications in Studies of Grazing Effects
(Image for Moore, Claire) Claire Moore
Advisor: Scott Denning
Exploring Seasonal Snow in a Changing Climate
(Image for Warner, Katy) Katherine Warner
Advisor: Ken Wilson
Investigating the Effects of Noise Pollution from Energy Development on the Bat Community in the Piceance Basin
(Image for Williams, Kelly) Kelly Williams
Advisor: Kate Huyvaert
Co-Advisor: Toni Piaggio
Molecular Detection of Feral Pigs Using Environmental DNA
(Image for Wright, Micah) Micah Wright
Advisor: Monique Rocca
Lodgepole Pine Regeneration after Mountain Pine Beetle and Wildfire: a Case Study in the High Park Fire, CO
(Image for Yeager, Kirstie) Kirstie Yeager
Advisor: Bill Kendall
A Noninvasive Method Using Auditory Predator Calls and Hair Snares to Detect and Genetically Sample Cougars (Puma concolor)