Fall 2014 Graduates

Congratulations graduates. You can also view our Alumni Directory to see all graduates.

(Image for Bingham, Drew) Andrew Bingham
Advisor: Dan Binkley
Improved Understanding of Factors Influencing Long-Term Nitrogen Storage in Soils
(Image for Browne, Claudia) Claudia Browne
Advisor: Rick Knight
Co-Advisor: Reagan Waskom
Surface Water and Groundwater Exchange Along the Cache La Poudre River: Considerations for Conservation Planning
(Image for Denton, Elsie) Elsie Denton
Advisor: Alan Knapp
The Timing of Growing Season Drought and Its Effects on Above-and Belowground Production in a Mesic Grassland
(Image for Eads, David) David Eads
Advisor: Mike Antolin
Co-Advisor: Dean Biggins
Factors Affecting Flea Densities in Prairie Dog Colonies": Implications for the Maintenance and Spread of Plague
(Image for Koontz, Michael) Michael Koontz
Advisor: Ruth Hufbauer
The Eco-Evolutionary Consequences of Mulitple Introductions for Colonizing Individuals
(Image for Lewis, Jesse) Jesse Lewis
Advisor: Kevin Crooks
The Effects of Urbanization on Felid Populations, Interactions, and Pathogen Dynamics
(Image for Mowll, Whitney) Whitney Mowll
Advisor: Alan Knapp
Temperature Sensitivity of Aboveground Net Primary Production in Semi-Arid Grasslands
(Image for Pelz, Kristen) Kristen Pelz
Advisor: Skip Smith
Forest Regeneration and Future Stand Trajectories Following Mountain Pine Beetle-Caused Lodgepole Pine Mortality
(Image for Salo, Jess) Jessica Salo
Advisor: Dave Theobald
A Multi-Scale, Hierarchical Approach to Map the Location and Condition of Riparian Zones in the Southern Rockies Ecoregion.