Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL)

The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL), located on the CSU campus, is an externally funded interdisciplinary ecology research and teaching unit at CSU. Research and education programs at NREL include the Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Program, the Global Environmental Sustainability Program, the Program for African Ecosystems, the Rocky Mountain Environment Program, and UV-B Monitoring and Research. NREL also provides analytical laboratory services. There are over 60 research scientists working at NREL, many of whom are affiliated with GDPE, and can serve as a primary advisor, or serve on graduate student committees.

NREL Seminar Series

Each semester NREL hosts a lunchtime seminar series featuring local and visiting scientists. Each seminar series follows a different theme. Past themes have included:

  • Bridging the Gap between Science and Society through Scientific Data Literacy
  • Culturally Relevant Ecology, Learning Progressions and Environmental Literacy
  • Scaling Up, Across, and Over Time in Ecology
  • Model-Data Fusion in Ecology
  • Perspectives on Sustainability
  • Emerging Approaches in Ecology
  • What Does Climate Change Mean to Colorado