Ch'aska Huayhuaca-Frye

I am a PhD student transferring into GDPE to work with Kathy Galvin in the Human-Environment Interactions (HEI) specialization. I received a BS in Natural Resources at Cornell University (focusing on agroforestry cropping systems) and an MS here at CSU in the department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources (protected areas concentration). Since 2010 I have been working at the Center for Collaborative Conservation as a program coordinator. Between my work with the CCC and previous work in resource and land use conflict in the Philippines, I became very interested in participatory approaches to environmental governance. Specifically, I am interested in investigating the network dynamics of both self-organizing and facilitated collaborative initiatives, as well as the ecological and social outcomes resulting from participatory and adaptive management regimes. My favorite time sinks are over-analyzing films, reading about cognitive science and history, brewing beer, and farm work.