Osman Hamdan

I grew up in Sudan; studied forestry (BSc) and environmental science (MSc) and worked for nine years as a professional forester in north, central and southwestern Sudan. The rise of Moslem Brothers to power through a military coup by fanatic Islamists in June 1989 forced me outside Sudan into exile in Germany. While in Germany, I studied forestry economics and policy (Doctorate) in the forestry school at Tharandt, the oldest academy of forestry in Germany, founded by Heinrich Cotta in 1811 near Dresden, Saxony. In 2004, I came to Denver where I earned an MA in economics from the Colorado University at Denver. I joined the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at CSU in 2008, and transferred to the GDPE this semester. Currently I work for the CRSP as a Graduate Research Assistant. In my PhD research I study the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of agricultural intensification and individualization of livestock ownership. I am particularly interested in investigating the socioeconomic and ecological impacts of declining extensive livestock systems due to increased land privatization and ecosystem fragmentation. I am guided in this research by Dr. Dana Hoag and Dr. Randall Boone.