Steven Hasstedt

I am a new PhD student working with Dan Binkley and Bill Romme on historical forest structure/composition and restoration treatments for ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests. Iâ??m interested in landscape ecology, disturbance regimes, and the incorporation of science into land use policy. Iâ??m an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, a Colorado native, and upon completion of my GDPE program Iâ??ll re-join the Biology faculty at the US Air Force Academy. I earned a BS from the AF Academy, a MS in Environmental Science from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, and a MS in Global Mobility/Logistics from the Air Force Institute of Technology. Iâ??m thrilled to be part of the GDPE community with my wife Anne-Marie (a Civil & Environmental Engineer) and our two daughters, Maddy and Leah. I enjoy reading, gardening, hunting, fishing, and playing â??Captain Hookâ?? with our girls!