Timothy Assal

I am a new student working with Dr. Jason Sibold. I have a BS from The George Washington University and an MS from the University of Wyoming. I have worked in a variety of natural resource related positions over the years, usually with a geospatial tilt. Most recently I have worked under contract to the US Geological Survey and hope to incorporate some of my work into my dissertation research. I plan to investigate the role that ecological disturbance, climate variability and human land use have played in shaping patterns of aspen islands on the landscape in Wyoming and Colorado. I have general interests in landscape ecology, biogeography, GIS, remote sensing, and the role of humans in landscape change from local and global scales. I also have a strong interest in education and I have taught geography at Front Range Community College for the last six years. In my free time I enjoy all of the perks that living in Colorado has to offer.