Florencia Pezzutti

I’m a new PhD student working with Dr. Chris Fisher from the Anthropology Department. I received a MA from Colorado State University in Anthropology with focus in Archaeology, and a BA from Kent State University in Anthropology. I am a native Argentinean and prior to studying in the U.S I attended the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) for two years in the Facultad de Filosofia y Letras. My interests include: Mesoamerican states and empires, agricultural landscapes, agricultural intensification, maguey cultivation, GIS, and human-environmental interactions in the context of early urbanism and socio-political complexity. My MA research focused on agricultural terraces in the Lake Pátzcuaro Basin. I have participated in a total of four archaeological projects in the Lake Pátzcuaro Basin, Michoacán, Mexico since 2006.