Sarah Bisbing

My dissertation research began in May 2009 under the direction of Dr. David Cooper. This research is a collaborative effort between Colorado State, the US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Lab, the USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station, and the University of Alaska - Fairbanks. Our goal in this research endeavor is to generate more accurate information on the ecological characteristics of a hydrophyte, distinguishing it from species distributed across hydrologic gradients and providing data to better define such vegetation. My research will evaluate the wetland to upland forest ecosystem gradient of Southeast Alaska and examine the factors controlling species distributions across this gradient. I am specifically interested in the hydrologic patterns that create and characterize these gradients and how vegetation is distributed across them. In particular, research will focus on species plasticity, intra-species genetic variability, seed distribution and availability, site productivity, and hydrologic variability. Prior to joining the Cooper Wetland Ecology Lab, I completed a MS in Forest Ecology at the University of Montana in which my research focused on carbon storage of old-growth forests of the Northern Rockies.