Christopher Davis

I am a new PhD student starting my studies this fall in Cini Brown's lab. I am a native of Scranton, Pennsylvania and have lived in New York City as well as Phoenix, Arizona. I graduated with my BS from Arizona State University where I conducted undergraduate research in molecular ecology and plant physiology. This summer I am living and working at Rocky Mountain National Park where I am monitoring the effectiveness of the revegetation efforts of the restoration crew. My broad research interests include the invasion of disturbed habitats by exotic plant species, range expansion of exotic species, and the restoration of areas before and after exotics invasion. My research in the Brown lab will likely involve studying the impact of prescribed fires on native shrub communities in areas that are heavily infested with cheatgrass. When I'm trying to not think about science, I like to hike, bike and brew. I'm really looking forward to experiencing all graduate school and Colorado has to offer.