David Martin

I am a PhD student in LeRoy Poff�?�¢??s stream ecology lab. I am here from Virginia where I received a B.S. in Environmental Science and Master of Natural Resources at Virginia Tech. I have worked as an environmental consultant in the past, providing NEPA compliance, wetland delineations and permitting, and other types of environmental site assessments. Currently, I am studying the interdisciplinary effects of human alterations to river flow regimes. I have developed a framework for environmental decision making that engages stakeholders in decision problems to facilitate a prioritization among multiple objectives and flow management decisions. With the framework I am emphasizing collaboration for river scientists and stakeholders to create decision contexts from which multiple achievable flow management options are evaluated using quantitative techniques from decision analysis. As a proof of concept, I am demonstrating the flexibility and usefulness of the framework with two real world applications in the Yampa-White Basin and Cache la Poudre Basin in Colorado. It is a pleasure to be here at CSU and to research these topics.