Andrea Borkenhagen

After graduating with a B.Sc. as a Botany Major from the University of Calgary, I worked for four years in Alberta as a vegetation ecologist. I am passionate about wetland issues and would like to see successful reclamation projects become an integral part of Albertaâ??s oilsand operations. Over the next few years at CSU, I will be working with Dr. David Cooper to determine the best method for establishing constructed fen vegetation. We are experimenting with fen moss and vascular species establishment, determining an effective cover treatment, looking at ways to deal with the high salinity levels, and the impacts to vegetation from a fertilizer application. The fenâ??s construction design is the first of its kind and I am hopeful that this information will provide meaningful input and direction for oilsand companyâ??s wetland compensation efforts. I am also thrilled to be in Colorado, where I can continue to nurture my love for the mountains, rivers, and bluegrass.