Amanda West

I am a new PhD student and my primary advisor is Cini Brown. I grew up on a small farm tucked away in the stunning Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina. I received a BS at UNC Asheville with a focus in Environmental Policy and Resource Management, and an Economics minor. I spent a summer working with a National Park Service Botanist and was astounded by the threat of invasive species to native ecosystems. Inspired by this internship, I pursued a research assistantship at NC State University concerning a newly discovered invasive liana, Cayratia japonica. I attained a MS there in Crop Science with an Ecology minor. My MS thesis was used in part by the NC Department of Agriculture for adding C. japonica to the State Noxious Weed List. After my Masters studies I worked for two years as an Agriculture Specialist in the US Virgin Islands, and quickly discovered that Agricultural Biosecurity was where my broad research interests coalesced. I am excited to have been awarded a fellowship at CSU funded by the USDA with a focus in Agricultural Biosecurity. I enjoy anything in the wild outdoors, traveling, and cooking.