Derek Fedak

Originally from St. Louis, MO, I received my undergraduate degree in Biology from Boston College and a Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University with a focus in Ecosystem Science and Conservation. My past research has included analyzing space-use of urban coyotes in Boston, an ecological assessment of a mangrove system adjacent to a beach resort in Costa Rica, and assessing methods to mitigate human-lion conflict throughout Africa for National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative. Following graduation from Duke, I worked for the non-profit Wildlands Network creating large-scale habitat connectivity models throughout the Southeast U.S. For my PhD, I will be studying ecosystem state-transition in Yellowstone's Northern Range under Tom Hobbs and David Cooper using a combination of field data collection and ecological, geospatial, and statistical modeling. My research will focus on how elk-grassland systems are transitioning back to beaver-willow wetlands following the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone.